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Premier Eye Care with our Fort Worth, TX Optometrist

Premier Eye Care in Fort Worth, TX has several eye care services available for our patients. Read over the following information to learn more about how our optometry team can assist with your vision needs.

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Eye Examinations

Our practice performs eye exams for a variety of reasons. Most people see our optometrist at least once a year to keep on top of their vision needs. During a routine exam, your vision will be assessed to determine whether there is a change in your prescription from your last visit. Your eyes will be checked for abnormalities, diseases, and other medical conditions that require intervention from our optometrist. If a problem is found, our practitioner will make recommendations regarding the proper treatments available so you can make a decision regarding the care necessary to protect your eyes and vision.

Contact Lenses

If you are in need of corrective lenses, and you want to keep the appearance of your face unaltered, contact lens usage is a great solution. Our optometrist will conduct a contact lens fitting at the time of your eye examination if desired. During this portion of the exam, measurements of your eye to determine the correct lens fit are necessary. You will be presented with a sample pair of contact lenses to try on to ensure they fit properly.

We provide contact lenses that correct vision for those with astigmatism or for those who require bifocals to correct their vision. Cosmetic lenses are also available if you wish to alter your natural eye color. We offer contact lenses in soft or rigid gas permeable form. Contact lenses changing times vary from daily to monthly depending on the brand and type you select.


Picking out frames for your eyeglasses is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming process. Our staff members are trained to help you find frames that suit your face shape and features so you have a balanced appearance. In addition to designer frames, we have eyeglasses frames within all price ranges. Let us help you pick out a pair of frames that suit your specific lifestyle. We also offer frames for children. We offer lenses with anti-glare properties as well as lenses tinted options for those who wish to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight rays. 

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