Glaucoma Treatment with our Fort Worth, TX Optometrist

Caring for your vision is extremely important so you are able to see without difficulty. Unfortunately, Glaucoma is a condition that can affect your sight in a big way. It is important to seek help from an optometry practice like Premier Eye Care​​​​​​​ if you have difficulties with your vision to rule out this condition. If glaucoma is found to be present, appropriate steps will be taken to treat the condition as needed. Here is some information about Glaucoma to read over so you understand this condition and how to treat it properly.​​​​​​​


What Glaucoma Is And How It Is Caused

Glaucoma is a disease that causes blindness if treatment is not obtained promptly. This condition is caused by a build-up of fluid in the front portion of the eye. When this fluid is present, pressure upon the eye causes damage to the optic nerve.

Signs That Indicate You May Have Glaucoma

There are two types of glaucoma that can affect the eyes: open and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is a gradual process. The fluid will continue to build in the front portion of the eye and will cause deterioration of sight over time. Closed-angle glaucoma happens suddenly and can lead to complete blindness quickly. Open-angle glaucoma often comes with no indication that there is a problem. Routine eye exams will find this condition. Closed-angle glaucoma may come with symptoms like sudden blurriness, pain in the eye, vomiting or nausea, and the presence of rings around lights or "halos" that are visually seen.

How Our Fort Worth, TX Optometrist Can Help

Getting routine checkups of your vision can help to get the necessary treatment for glaucoma so blindness is not the result. Our optometrist will conduct field tests that check your vision in its entirety. The structure of each of your eyes is also checked for abnormalities and the presence of excessive moisture buildup. If testing indicates you do have this condition, our optometrist will use methods to reduce the moisture from the eyes so pressure upon them subside. This will help to keep the optical nerves intact so vision changes do not occur. In many cases, using eye drops or medication in a pill form can help to reduce moisture in the eyes. If these methods do not work, our optometrist may recommend laser or traditional surgical procedures to keep your eye pressure at the proper level.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Fort Worth, TX Optometrist

When there is a need to get evaluated for possible Glaucoma of the eyes, making an appointment with our optometry team at Premier Eye Care​​​​​​​ in Fort Worth is best. Contact our practice at (817) 428-2020 to schedule a session with our professionals for an evaluation.

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