Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries

Anyone living in Fort Worth who suffers an eye injury should call Premier Eye Care​​​​​​​ right away. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating an eye injury. A quick phone call to our doctor of optometry could be the difference between saving your vision or losing it. We at Premier Eye Care, encourage you to be prepared for an emergency by familiarizing yourself with these injuries that are common to the eye.

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Scratched Eye

Also known as a corneal abrasion, a scratched eye occurs by getting poked in the eye or rubbing the eye when something scratchy, such as dust or sand is present. This condition can cause redness and light sensitivity. Not only is a scratched eye painful, but it also opens the door to an infection to enter your eye.

A Foreign Object Penetrates The Eye

If any object such as a sliver of wood, piece of metal, or fish hook enters the eye, it is very important to not try to remove the object yourself. This could cause more injury. It is best to tape a paper cup over the eye to protect it and call our office or emergency services as soon as possible for help.

Getting Splashed Or Sprayed In The Eye

Of course, getting splashed with water is fine, but when chemicals, such as cleaners, hairspray, or an acid went into the eye, it can be dangerous. These will cause the eye to burn and is very uncomfortable. If you get splashed in the eye, rinse it under warm tap water for about 15 minutes and have someone call our office or emergency services right away.

Eye Swelling

Eye swelling happens when someone gets hit in the eye with something moving at a fast speed. This will often lead to a black eye and it is best to put an ice pack on it right away. Check-in with Premier Eye Care if an injury occurs so that we can check for internal damage.

Hemorrhages And Orbital Fractures

Bleeding from the blood vessels within the whites of the eye is fairly common and usually not serious, but bleeding from the anterior part of the eye, the area between the cornea and the iris can be quite serious. If you or someone you are with sustains a major blow to the face that causes an orbital blowout fracture, get help right away.

Eye injuries can be quite scary. Call us at Premier Eye Care​​​​​​​ in Fort Worth at (817) 428-2020 with any questions about eye injuries or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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