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Sports Vision in Fort Worth

Millions of Americans love to play sports. Unfortunately, problems with your vision can have a big impact on your ability to play sports. Most sports are heavily reliant on your visual abilities. Athletes who struggle with hand-eye coordination, tracking moving objects, or sight in general, will struggle to compete. That’s why Premier Eye Group offers top-notch sports vision eye care. 


Further, it’s usually not a good idea to wear traditional glasses while playing many sports. There’s a risk that your glasses could be broken in the course of the game and you could suffer a serious injury. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions, such as contact lenses. If you play sports and wear glasses or contacts, it’s smart to talk with an optometry expert.

Improve Your Sports Performance with Sports Vision Testing

Sports vision goes well beyond glasses and contact lenses and offers holistic eye care. A skilled optometrist can work with you to improve dynamic visual acuity (which is your ability to track moving objects, say a basketball), focusing accuracy and speed, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision awareness, and more.

With sports vision testing, for example, you can measure your performance in all of the above metrics. If you learn that your peripheral vision is weak or your dynamic visual acuity is subpar, you know two important areas you can work on if you want to increase your performance.

The right sports vision treatments could:

  • Improve reaction times
  • Lower your golf score
  • Prevent injuries
  • Allow you to score more points
  • Increase overall performance and enjoyment

Many professional athletes work closely with optometry experts to measure and enhance their vision. This allows them to perform at a higher level. Premier Eyecare in Fort Worth, Texas, regularly works with local athletes, helping them improve their sports vision.

Understand Your Vision Better With a Sports Vision Exam

A sports vision is exam is much different and more dynamic than a traditional eye exam. That’s because the demands on your vision during sports are much higher. You need to have a better understanding of how your sight actually works, and what weaknesses may be present.

With a better understanding of your vision in hand, an optometry expert will be able to work with you to develop plans to improve performance. Even if you simply play sports as a hobby and aren’t stressed over the competition, improving your sports vision can still pay off.

Further, improved vision and understanding of your vision will help in other areas of your life. For example, if you know your periphery vision is weak, you’ll also know what to watch out for while driving. This could save you from an accident or injury. And all of this starts with a sports vision exam.

Fortunately, Premier Eye Group offers sports vision eye care services in Fort Worth, so schedule an appointment today!


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