Emergency Eye Care

Emergency eye care is something you need to get when the need arises. When your eyes suffer mishaps that need immediate treatment, emergency eye care needs to be something you know how to find. Our professional optometry staff at Premiere Eye Care in Fort Worth provides exceptional emergency eye care to help preserve your eye health and vision. Between dust, pollen, potential workplace injuries, and other accidents, your eyes face new perils every day. When your vision takes a turn for the worse or your eyes otherwise show signs of injury, emergency eye care is in order.


Accidents Often Cause Need for Emergency Eye Care

It might seem obvious, but many still forget that accidents are the primary cause of most eye emergencies. Whether you suffer injuries from dust, dirt, debris from work, or other potential causes, simple preventive steps might spare you the need for emergency eye care. Safety glasses and common sense often prevent eye injuries, but accidents still happen. You might simply lift a bottle of glass cleaner with a loose top. If the top gives way, the bottle falls, strikes an object, and splashes a chemical in your eyes. Such injuries are relatively common and often require immediate care.

Signs Emergency Eye Care Is Needed

If your eyes are swollen, itchy, reddish, or otherwise showing signs of injury, you likely need emergency care. If you experience pain along with your other symptoms, seek emergency eye care immediately. Other signs that indicate a need for immediate eye care include pupils with differing sizes, a bulging eyeball, and other obvious signs of eye injury require immediate optometry treatment. Any time you experience a sudden change in your vision, you need to have it checked. A detached retina or other problem might be the culprit and could lead to permanent vision loss if not treated appropriately. Our Fort Worth optometrist can help you determine the exact problem you're experiencing and treat it with effective solutions. 

Get Emergency Eye Care Now

Contact our professional optometry staff for emergency services and other needs at Premiere Eye Care in Forth Worth. Short of a trip to the emergency room for a very serious problem, your local eye care professionals are your best source for treatment and effective relief for eye problems. At Premiere Eye Care we can help you overcome the cause of your suddenly poor vision or other eye ailments. Give us a call today at 817-428-2020.


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