Emergency Eye Care

Few incidents will send you in search of treatment more quickly and urgently than an eye emergency, and rightly so. Injuries, sever infections, and other forms of acute eye damage can permanently threaten your vision, especially if they're not dealt with immediately. The good news is that instead of trying to figure out where to get help, you can simply make a beeline for our Fort Worth optometry clinic, Premier Eye Care. We can diagnose your condition right away and prescribe the right treatment to ease your pain and save your eyesight.

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The Nature of Eye Emergencies

What constitutes an eye emergency? There are plenty of minor difficulties that cause serious discomfort or vision issues, from a speck of dust in your eye to a mild case of conjunctivitis. Even chronic conditions that can damage your eyesight aren't necessarily urgent situations. Certain problems, however, definitely merit treatment as emergencies. For instance:

  • A sharp or hard foreign object, such as a sliver of glass or splinter of wood, can do serious damage to the eye tissues, especially if they're blown into the eye at high speed.
  • Corrosive liquids or airborne chemicals can cause severe burns and permanent scarring if they enter the eyes.
  • An impact to the eye can damage the cornea, detach the retina, or fracture the eye socket.
  • An acute form of glaucoma called angle-closure glaucoma can cause permanent loss within a matter of hours, as well as headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Severe, uncontrolled eye infections can lead to corneal ulcerations, resulting in long-term visual impairment.

Our Fort Worth Optometrist Can Provide Emergency Treatment

If you're experiencing what you believe to be eye emergency, contact Premiere Eye care right away. Our Fort Worth optometrist may advise you over the phone on certain first-aid procedures such as washing out the affected eye, as well as advice on what not to do. As soon as you arrive at our clinic, we will perform an evaluation of your condition to diagnose the problem and administer emergency care. We can rinse the eyes with water to dilute and remove corrosive chemicals, extract foreign objects with specialized tools, prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and administer medications to arrest angle-closure glaucoma. If necessary, we can also refer you for emergency surgery to repair a detached retina or receive more advanced glaucoma treatment.

Call Premier Eye Care

Keep Premier Eye Care's phone number handy in case of an eye emergency. Call (817) 440-4981 to seek help and arrange for emergency eye treatment in Fort Worth!


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